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lundi 27 janvier 2020

  • Matthias Klumpp: A big AppStream status update
    It has been a while since the last AppStream-related post (or any post for that matter) on this blog, but of course development didn't stand still all this time. Quite the opposite – it was just me writing less about it, which actually is a problem as some of the new features are much (...)

  • Norbert Preining: Switching audio output devices for OpenAL based software
    When playing a few rounds of Talos Principle, I realized I cannot get the sound output to my USB headphones. Selecting a different sink never worked. It was only in a forum post that I found the answer. Put the following into ~/.alsoftrc [pulse] allow-moves=true and all will be fine. Quoting (...)

  • Enrico Zini: Conspiracy links

dimanche 26 janvier 2020

samedi 25 janvier 2020

  • Joey Hess: announcing arduino-copilot
    arduino-copilot, released today, makes it easy to use Haskell to program an Arduino. It's a FRP style system, and uses the Copilot DSL to generate embedded C code. gotta blink before you can run To make your arduino blink its LED, you only need 4 lines of Haskell: import Copilot.Arduino (...)

  • Vincent Bernat: ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2014: 5 years later
  • Norbert Preining: Let's Encrypt on Debian/Buster: switching from acmetool to certbot
    I have been using acmetool on my Buster server for quite some time. When choosing a client I liked that it is written in Go, that it is small and not overboarding with features, thus I had decided against Certbot and in favor of acmetool. Unfortunately, times are changing and the Let's Encrypt (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppArmadillo 0.9.800.4.0
    Armadillo is a powerful and expressive C++ template library for linear algebra aiming towards a good balance between speed and ease of use with a syntax deliberately close to a Matlab. RcppArmadillo integrates this library with the R environment and language–and is widely used by (...)

vendredi 24 janvier 2020

  • Steve Kemp: procmail for gmail?
    After 10+ years I'm in the process of retiring my mail-host. In the future I'll no longer be running exim4/dovecot/similar, and handling my own mail. Instead it'll all go to a (paid) Google account. It feels like the end of an era, as it means a lot of my daily life will not be (...)

  • Bdale Garbee: Digital Photo Creation Dates
    I learned something new yesterday, that probably shouldn't have shocked me as much as it did. For legacy reasons, the "creation time" in the Exif metadata attached to digital camera pictures is not expressed in absolute time, but rather in some arbitrary expression of "local" time! This (...)

jeudi 23 janvier 2020

mercredi 22 janvier 2020

  • Keith Packard: lca2020 2020 I just got back from 2020 on Saturday and am still adjusting to being home again. I had the opportunity to give three presentations during the conference and wanted to provide links to the slides and videos. Picolibc My first presentation was part of the Open (...)



17 mai 2007 - Du GigaPixels sur IPsyn !

Depuis quelques jours IPsyn héberge la plus grosse image numérique au monde : (...)

22 mars 2005 - Cable reseau "perime"

Nous avons, ce soir (21/03/2005), ete victime du fameux probleme du cable RJ45 "perime". Apres (...)

13 mars 2005 - Perte de notre serveur de fichier

Nous avons perdu, vers 16h00 ce samedi 12 mars 2005, notre serveur de fichier sur lequel etait (...)

26 décembre 2004 - Exploitation d’une faille dans phpBB

Ipsyn n’aura pas ete epargne par la failel sur le forum phpBB (j’imae pas le forums (...)

7 janvier 2004 - Problème sur notre serveur mysql

Pour une raison indeterminee notre serveur mysql refuse de repartir. Nous basculons toutes les (...)