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mardi 10 mars 2020

  • Sam Hartman: Forged Email
    Last night, a series of forged emails was sent to a number of places around the Debian, Ubuntu and Free Software communities. The meat of the mail was a fake message from me to debian-private with the subject "DebConf19 Diversity Girls." I didn't write such a message. I view this message as (...)

lundi 9 mars 2020

  • Enrico Zini: Self perception links
    Self-handicapping - Wikipedia empowerment 2020-03-09 Self-handicapping is a cognitive strategy by which people avoid effort in the hopes of keeping potential failure from hurting self-esteem.[1] It was first theorized by Edward E. Jones and Steven Berglas,[2] according to whom (...)

dimanche 8 mars 2020

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppAnnoy 0.0.16
    A new release 0.0.16 of RcppAnnoy is available via the Github-hosted R Repository (ghrr). Edit a good two hours later: And wonder of wonders, now also on CRAN. It remains in limbo at CRAN for no apparent reason. No change appears to be imminent either as the CRAN maintainers continue to play a (...)

  • Ulrike Uhlig: Implementing feedback into our work culture
    Everywhere I worked in the past, the only feedback that was asked of employees was during a yearly evaluation meeting. These meetings always felt to me like talking to Santa Claus and his Knecht Ruprecht. I was asked: Were you a good employee last year? If yes, we might give you a raise. If no, (...)

  • Lisandro Dami?n Nicanor P?rez Meyer: Qt 4 removed from Debian Sid (unstable)
    The day has finally arrived: Qt 4 is no longer part of Debian unstable. It's gone. Thanks should go to many people. You know who you are, and I really appreciate the support and time you put into this. **Thanks**

samedi 7 mars 2020

  • Julian Andres Klode: APT 2.0 released
    After brewing in experimental for a while, and getting a first outing in the Ubuntu 19.10 release; both as 1.9, APT 2.0 is now landing in unstable. 1.10 would be a boring, weird number, eh? Compared to the 1.8 series, the APT 2.0 series features several new features, as well as improvements in (...)

  • Fran?ois Marier: Fixing MariaDB InnoDB errors after upgrading to MythTV 30
    After upgrading to MythTV 30 and MariaDB 10.3.18 on Debian buster, I noticed the following errors in my logs: Jan 14 02:00:05 hostname mysqld[846]: 2020-01-14 2:00:05 62 [Warning] InnoDB: Cannot add field `rating` in table `mythconverg`.`internetcontentarticles` because after adding it, the row (...)

  • Matthias Klumpp: Introducing the MetaInfo Creator
    This year's FOSDEM conference was a lot of fun – one of the things I always enjoy most about this particular conference (besides having some of the outstanding food you can get in Brussels and meeting with friends from the free software world) is the ability to meet a large range of new (...)

vendredi 6 mars 2020

mercredi 4 mars 2020

  • Noah Meyerhans: Daily VM image builds are available from the cloud team
    Did you know that the cloud team generates daily images for buster, bullseye, and sid? They're available for download from and are published to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. This is done both to exercise our image generation infrastructure, and also to facilitate testing of (...)

  • Steinar H. Gunderson: Random STL wishlist
    Things I wish the C++ STL had (without having to pull in Boost or similar), in random order: unordered_map with a fixed size, and LRU expiry. nth_element that can interpolate linearly (for percentiles). A way to automatically generate operator for C++20. A way to compare integers and doubles (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppSimdJson 0.0.3: Second Update!
    Following up on both the initial RcppSimdJson release and the first update, the second update release 0.0.3 arrived on CRAN yesterday. RcppSimdJson wraps the fantastic simdjson library by Daniel Lemire which is truly impressive. Via some very clever algorithmic engineering to obtain largely (...)

  • Norbert Preining: Okular and restoration of tabs (plus Debian packages)
    I have the need to restore my okular tab setup on restart, since I often have quite a lot of pdfs open to view at the same time. Unfortunately, the current okular doesn't provide this feature. There is a merge request by one of the main authors of okular, but it doesn't work for me in a (...)

mardi 3 mars 2020

  • Ben Hutchings: Debian LTS work, February 2020
    I was assigned 20 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative and worked 19.25 hours this month, so I will carry over 0.75 hours to March. I prepared and, after review, released Linux 3.16.82. I then rebased the Debian package onto that, but haven't yet sent a request for (...)

  • Ian Jackson: Let's Encrypt certificate revocation - panic now!
    Let's Encrypt have rather quietly announced (sadly, requires discourse JS!) that they are going to revoke a very large number of certificates. These revocations will start "no earlier than" 00:00 UTC tonight (24:00 on the 3rd of March), a little over 9h from now. Affected websites etc. may (...)

  • Elana Hashman: Chili
  • Noah Meyerhans: Buster in the AWS Marketplace
    When buster was first released back in early July of last year, the cloud team was in the process of setting up some new accounts with AWS to be used for AMI publication. For various reasons, the accounts we used for pre-buster releases were considered unsuitable for use long term, and the (...)

lundi 2 mars 2020

  • Sylvain Beucler: Debian LTS and ELTS - February 2020
    Here is my transparent report for my work on the Debian Long Term Support (LTS) and Debian Extended Long Term Support (ELTS), which extend the security support for past Debian releases, as a paid contributor. In February, the monthly sponsored hours were split evenly among contributors (...)

  • Petter Reinholdtsen: Nikita version 0.5 released - updated free software archive API server
    Today, after many months of development, a new release of Nikita Noark 5 core project was finally announced on the project mailing list. The Nikita free software solution is an implementation of the Norwegian archive standard Noark 5 used by government offices in Norway. These were the changes (...)

  • Jonathan Carter: Free Software activities for 2020-02
    Belgians This month started off in Belgium for FOSDEM on 1-2 February. I attended FOSDEM in Brussels and wrote a separate blog entry for that. The month ended with Belgians at Tammy and Wouter's wedding. On Thursday we had Wouter's bachelors and then over the weekend I stayed over at their (...)

  • Antoine Beaupr?: Moving dconf entries to git
    I've been managing my UNIX $HOME repository with version control for almost two decades now (first under CVS, then with git). Once in a while, I find a little hack to make this work better. Today, it's dconf/gsettings, or more specifically, Workrave that I want to put in git. I noticed (...)

  • Russell Coker: Amazon Prime and Netflix
    I've been trying both Amazon Prime and Netflix. I signed up for the month free of Amazon Prime to watch “Good Omens” and “Picard”. “Good Omens” is definitely worth the effort of setting up the month free of Amazon Prime and is worth the month's subscription (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppAnnoy 0.0.15
    A few days ago, a new release 0.0.15 of RcppAnnoy got onto CRAN while I was traveling / attending the wonderful celebRtion 2020 for the 20th anniversary of the R 1.0.0 release. RcppAnnoy is the Rcpp-based R integration of the nifty Annoy library by Erik Bernhardsson. Annoy is a small and (...)

  • Simon D?saulniers: Haskell: programmation dynamique
  • Enrico Zini: Online aggression links
    Sealioning - Wikipedia privilege 2020-03-02 Sealioning (also spelled sea-lioning and sea lioning) is a type of trolling or harassment which consists of pursuing people with persistent requests for evidence or repeated questions, while maintaining a pretense of civility and (...)

dimanche 1er mars 2020

  • Ulrike Uhlig: Conflict as a clash of strategies and a vector for change
    Map of conflict I've been practising Non-Violent Communication (NVC) for several years. It helps me to better understand my feelings and needs. The concepts of NVC can also help to look at conflicts. I would like to introduce a way to look at conflict using the basic concepts of NVC: (...)

  • Paul Wise: FLOSS Activities February 2020
    Changes apt-offline: clarify message debhelper: add option to disable workarounds Debian package uploads: apt-offline, purple-discord Debian wiki code: use msgid-search path Debian wiki pages: accessibility, Bumblebee, CaptivePortal, Cloud, CrossGrading, Debate/umask, DebianHosting, (...)

  • Junichi Uekawa: March came.
    March came. I was wasting more time writing and reading epidemic curves due to COVID-19. Not sure if me doing that helped anything.

samedi 29 février 2020

vendredi 28 février 2020

  • Jonathan Dowland: 3D-printed castle, iteration 2
    A more Disney-fied castle: conical spires and an archway. Here's iteration 2 of my 3D-printed castle design. I'm mostly focussed on helping to improve our internal instructions on how to get up and running with 3D printing, submitting jobs to the office printer etc., rather than (...)


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