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mercredi 15 octobre 2014

mardi 14 octobre 2014

  • Julian Andres Klode: Key transition
    I started transitioning from 1024D to 4096R. The new key is available at: and the key server. A very short transition statement is available at: and included below (the http (...)

  • Joachim Breitner: Switching to systemd-networkd
    Ever since I read about systemd-networkd being in the making I was looking forward to try it out. I kept watching for the package to appear in Debian, or at least ITP bugs. A few days ago, by accident, I noticed that I already have systemd-networkd on my machine: It is simply shipped with the (...)

  • Joachim Breitner: Switching to sytemd-networkd
    Ever since I read about sytemd-networkd being in the making I was looking forward to try it out. I kept watching for the package to appear in Debian, or at least ITP bugs. A few days ago, by accident, I noticed that I already have systemd-networkd on my machine: It is simply shipped with the (...)

  • Gunnar Wolf: When Open Access meets the Napster anniversary
  • Marco d'Itri: The Italian peering ecosystem
    I published the slides of my talk "An introduction to peering in Italy - Interconnections among the Italian networks" that I presented today at the MIX-IT (the Milano internet exchange) technical meeting.

  • Philipp Kern: pbuilder and pam_tmpdir
    It turns out that my recent woes with pbuilder were all due to libpam-tmpdir being installed (at least two old bug reports exist about this issue: #576425 and #725434). I rather like my private temporary directory that cannot be accessed by other (potential) users on the same system. Previously (...)

lundi 13 octobre 2014

  • Konstantinos Margaritis: SIMD optimizations, cont.
    A friend of mine told me that I should advertise my passion and know-how about SIMD more, and I decided to follow his advice. Though I am terrible at marketing and even more at personal marketing, I've made an attempt to do just that, advertise the fact that I'm offering SIMD (...)

  • John Goerzen: Update on the systemd issue
    The other day, I wrote about my poor first impressions of systemd in jessie. Here's an update. I'd like to start with the things that are good. I found the systemd community to be one of the most helpful in Debian, and #debian-systemd IRC channel to be especially helpful. I was in there for (...)

  • Steve McIntyre: Successful Summer of Code in Linaro
    It's past time I wrote about how Linaro's students fared in this year's Google Summer of Code. You might remember me posting earlier in the year when we welcomed our students. We started with 3 student projects at the beginning of the summer. One of the students unfortunately (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: Seinfeld streak at GitHub
    Early last year, I referred to a Seinfeld Streak in a blog post referring to almost two months of updates to the Rcpp Gallery. This is sometimes called Jerry Seinfeld's secret to productivity: Just keep at it. Don't break the streak. I now have different streak: Now we'll see how (...)

dimanche 12 octobre 2014

  • Jonathan Wiltshire: Clean builds for the win
    I've just spent a little time squashing several bugs on the trot, all the same: insufficient build-dependencies when built in a clean environment. Typically this means that the package was uploaded after being built on a developer's normal machine, which already has everything required (...)

  • Steinar H. Gunderson: Short SSH keys
    I'm sure this is useful for something beyond being neat: klump:~> cat .ssh/ ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIFePWUlZmVbCZ9KHa4pOOMBXHaMFeuuIZDw0uHHEY2/m sesse@klump I hope OpenSSH doesn't eventually grow a sort-of single point of failure in “djb ALL the (...)

  • Iustin Pop: Day trip on the Olympic Peninsula
    Day trip on the Olympic Peninsula TL;DR: drove many kilometres on very nice roads, took lots of pictures, saw sunshine and fog and clouds, an angry ocean and a calm one, a quiet lake and lots and lots of trees: a very well spent day. Pictures at (...)

  • Giuseppe Iuculano: apt-get purge chromium
  • Mario Lang: soundCLI works again
    I recently ranted about my frustration with GStreamer in a SoundCloud command-line client written in Ruby. Well, it turns out that there was quite a bit confusion going on. I still haven't figured out why my initial tries resulted in an error regarding $DISPLAY not being set. But now that (...)

  • Guido G?nther: Testing a NetworkManager VPN plugin password dialog
    Testing the password dialog of a NetworkManager VPN plugin is as simple as: echo -e 'DATA_KEY=foo\nDATA_VAL=bar\nDONE\nQUIT\n' | ./auth-dialog/nm-iodine-auth-dialog -n test -u $(uuid) -i The above is for the iodine plugin when run from the built source tree. This allows one to test (...)

  • John Goerzen: First impressions of systemd, and they're not good
    Well, I finally bit the bullet. My laptop, which runs jessie, got dist-upgraded for the first time in a few months. My brightness keys stopped working, and it no longer would suspend to RAM when the lid was closed, and upon chasing things down from XFCE to policykit, eventually it appears that (...)

samedi 11 octobre 2014

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RPushbullet 0.1.0 with a lot more awesome
    A new release 0.1.0 of the RPushbullet package (interfacing the neat Pushbullet service) landed on CRAN today. It brings a number of goodies relative to the first release 0.0.2 of a few months ago: pushing of files is now supported thanks to a nice pull request bu Mike Birdgeneau a default (...)

vendredi 10 octobre 2014

  • Matthias Klumpp: Listaller + Glick: Some new ideas
  • Mario Lang
    GStreamer and the command-line? I was recently looking for a command-line client for SoundCloud. soundCLI on GitHub appeared to be what I want. But wait, there is a problem with its implementation. soundCLI uses gstreamer's playbin2 to play audio data. But that apparently requires (...)

  • Martin Pitt: Running autopkgtests in the cloud
    It's great to see more and more packages in Debian and Ubuntu getting an autopkgtest. We now have some 660, and soon we'll get another ~ 4000 from Perl and Ruby packages. Both Debian's and Ubuntu's autopkgtest runner machines are currently static manually maintained machines which ache under (...)

jeudi 9 octobre 2014

mercredi 8 octobre 2014

  • Jonathan Dowland: Ansible
    I've just recently built the large bulk of VMs that we use for first semester teaching. This year that was 112. We use the same general approach for these as our others: get a generic base image up and running, with just enough configuration complete so a puppet client starts up; get it (...)

  • Steve Kemp: Writing your own e-books is useful
    Before our recent trip to Poland I took the time to create my own e-book, containing the names/addresses of people to whom we wanted to send postcards. Authoring ebooks is simple, and this was a useful use. (Ordinarily I'd have my contacts on my phone, but I deliberately left it at home (...)

  • Elena 'valhalla' Grandi: New gpg subkey
    The GPG subkey I keep for daily use was going to expire, and this time I decided to create a new one instead of changing the expiration date. Doing so I've found out that gnupg does not support importing just a private subkey for a key it already has (on IRC I've heard that there may be (...)

  • Ian Donnelly: A Comparison of Elektra Merge and Git Merge
    Hi everybody, We have gotten some inquires about how Elektra's merge functionality compares to the merge functionality built into git: git merge-file. I am glad to say that Elektra outperforms git's merge functionality in the same ways it outperforms diff3 when applied to configuration files. (...)

  • EvolvisForge blog: PSA: #shellshock still unfixed except in Debian unstable
  • Jan Wagner: Updated Monitoring Plugins Version is coming soon
    Three months ago version 2.0 of Monitoring Plugins was released. Since then many changes were integrated. You can find a quick overview in the upstream NEWS. Now it's time to move forward and a new release is expected soon. It would be very welcome if you could give the latest source (...)

  • Michal Čihař: Wammu 0.37
    It has been more than three years since last release of Wammu and I've decided it's time to push changes made in the Git repos to the users. So here comes Wammu 0.37. The list of changes is not really huge, but in total that means 1470 commits in git (most of that are translations): (...)

mardi 7 octobre 2014

  • Thorsten Glaser: mksh R50d released
    The last MirBSD Korn Shell update broke update-initramfs because I accidentally introduced a regression in field splitting while fixing other bugs – sorry! mksh R50d was just released to fix that, and a small NULL pointer dereference found by Goodbox on IRC. Thanks to my employer tarent (...)

  • Joachim Breitner: New website layout
    After 10 years I finally got around to re-decorating my website. One reason was ICFP, where just too many people told me that I don't look like on my old website any more (which is very true). Another reason was that I was visting my brother, who is very good at web design (check out his (...)

  • Joachim Breitner: ghc-heap-view for GHC 7.8
    Since the last release of ghc-heap-view, which was compatible with GHC-7.6, I got 8 requests for a GHC-7.8 compatible version. I started working on it in January, but got stuck and then kept putting it off. Today, I got the ninths request, and I did not want to wait for the tenth, so I finally (...)

  • Andrea Veri: The GNOME Infrastructure is now powered by FreeIPA!

lundi 6 octobre 2014

dimanche 5 octobre 2014

samedi 4 octobre 2014

vendredi 3 octobre 2014


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