Planet Debian, ces 60 derniers jours

vendredi 18 juillet 2014

  • Elena 'valhalla' Grandi: Reducing useless noise from irssi
    Yesterday I missed a query from a friend (with the answer to a question *I* had asked in the first place) because it ended up in window 30-something and my statusbar was full of dim numbers from channels where people had just joined/left. This morning I've set activity_hide_level = JOINS (...)

  • Jonathan McDowell: On the state of Free VoIP
    Every now and then I decide I'll try and sort out my VoIP setup. And then I give up. Today I tried again. I really didn't think I was aiming that high. I thought I'd start by making my email address work as a SIP address. Seems reasonable, right? I threw in the extra constraints of (...)

jeudi 17 juillet 2014

  • Daniel Pocock: MH17 and the elephant in the room
    Just last week, air passengers were told of intrusive new checks on their electronic devices when flying. For years, passengers have also suffered bans on basic essentials like drinking water and excesses like the patting down of babies that even Jimmy Saville would find offensive. Of course, (...)

  • Tiago Bortoletto Vaz: HOPE X ical for schedule
    As Adirondack (train line MTL-NYC) is not Internet-friendly for RSS feeds I can't profit of my ~11h travelling to check this huge schedule in the way I want to, (= having a timetable view including room, description and speakers). HOPE X has just released a pdf and a xls (wtf??), but these (...)

  • Craig Small: No more dspam, now what?
  • Juliana Louback: Contribute a JSCommunicator Translation
  • Russ Allbery: wallet 1.1
    Wallet is the secure credential management infrastructure that we use at Stanford, primarily for keytabs but increasingly for any sort of security keys that have to be stored somewhere and retrieved by specific systems or people. The primary goal of this release is to add Duo support. This is (...)

mercredi 16 juillet 2014

  • Steve Kemp: So what can I do for Debian?
    So I recently announced my intention to rejoin the Debian project, having been a member between 2002 & 2011 (inclusive). In the past I resigned mostly due to lack of time, and what has changed is that these days I have more free time - primarily because my wife works in accident & (...)

  • Matthias Klumpp: AppStream 0.7 specification and library released
    Today I am very happy to announce the release of AppStream 0.7, the second-largest release (judging by commit number) after 0.6. AppStream 0.7 brings many new features for the specification, adds lots of good stuff to libappstream, introduces a new libappstream-qt library for Qt developers and, (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: Introducing RcppParallel: Getting R and C++ to work (some more) in parallel
    A common theme over the last few decades was that we could afford to simply sit back and let computer (hardware) engineers take care of increases in computing speed thanks to Moore's law. That same line of thought now frequently points out that we are getting closer and closer to the (...)

  • Vincent Sanders
    It is no great secret that my colleagues at Collabora have been doing work with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. My desk is very near Marco and I often see him working with the various Pi boards. Recently he obtained one of the new B+ units for testing and I thought it looked a little sad sat naked (...)

  • Wouter Verhelst: Reprepro for RPM
    Dear lazyweb, reprepro is a great tool. I hand it some configuration and a bunch of packages, and it creates the necessary directory structure, moves the packages to the right location, and generates a (signed) Debian package repository. Obviously it would be possible to all that reprepro does (...)

  • Juliana Louback: Become an Open-source Contributor Video Conference
    A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Yehuda Korotkin through one of the Debian mailing lists. Yehuda is a tech professor at one of Israel's leading colleges for women. He proposed a video conference to present the open source community to his class and explain how they can contribute to open (...)

  • Rapha?l Hertzog: Spotify migrate 5000 servers from Debian to Ubuntu
    Or yet another reason why it's really important that we succeed with Debian LTS. Last year we heard of Dreamhost switching to Ubuntu because they can maintain a stable Ubuntu release for longer than a Debian stable release (and this despite the fact that Ubuntu only supports software in its (...)

mardi 15 juillet 2014

  • Jon Dowland: Mac
    My job exposes me to a large variety of computing systems and I regularly use Mac, Windows and Linux desktops. My main desktop environment at home and work has been Debian GNU/Linux for over 10 years. However every now and then I take a little "holiday" and use something else for a few weeks. (...)

  • Michal Čihař: New UI for Weblate
    For quite some time, I'm working on new UI for Weblate. As the time is always limited, the progress is not that fast as I would like to see, but I think it's time to show the current status to wider audience. Almost all pages have been rewritten, the major missing parts are zen mode (...)

  • Mario Lang
    Mixing vinyl again The turntables have me back, after quite some long-term mixing break. I used to do straight 4-to-the-floor, mostly acid or hardtek. You can find an old mix of mine on SoundCloud. This one is actually back from 2006. But currently I am more into drum and bass. It is an (...)

dimanche 13 juillet 2014

  • Laura Arjona: New GPG Key!
  • Steve Kemp: A brief twitter experiment
    So I've recently posted a few links on Twitter, and I see followers clicking them. But also I see random hits. Tonight I posted a link to, a domain I use for "anonymous" emailing, specifically to see which bots hit the URL. Within two minutes I had 15 visitors the (...)

  • Russ Allbery: Review: Neptune's Brood
    Review: Neptune's Brood, by Charles Stross Series: Freyaverse #2 Publisher: Ace Copyright: July 2013 ISBN: 1-101-62453-1 Format: Kindle Pages: 325 Neptune's Brood is set in the same universe as Saturn's Children, but I wouldn't call it a sequel. It takes place considerably (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppArmadillo 0.4.320.0
    While I was out at the (immensely impressive and equally enjoyable) useR! 2014 conference at UCLA, Conrad provided a bug-fix release 4.320 of Armadillo, the nifty templated C++ library for linear algebra. I quickly rolled that into RcppArmadillo release 0.4.320.0 which has been on CRAN and in (...)

samedi 12 juillet 2014

  • Paul Tagliamonte: Satuday's the new Sunday
    Hello, World! For those of you who enforce my Sundays on me (keep doing that, thank you!), I'll be changing my Saturdays with my Sundays. That's right! In this new brave world, I'll be taking Saturdays off, not Sundays. Feel free to pester me all day on Sunday, now! This means, as a logical (...)

  • Matt Brown: GPG Key Management Rant
    2014 and it's still annoyingly hard to find a reasonable GPG key management system for personal use… All I want is to keep the key material isolated from any Internet connected host, without requiring me to jump through major inconvenience every time I want to use the key. An (...)

vendredi 11 juillet 2014

  • Steve Kemp: A partial perl-implementation of Redis
    So recently I got into trouble running Redis on a host, because the data no-longer fits into RAM. As an interim measure I fixed this by bumping the RAM allocated to the guest, but a real solution was needed. I figure there are three real alternatives: Migrate to Postgres, MySQL, or similar. (...)

  • Russ Allbery: Net::Duo 1.00
    This is the first release of Net::Duo, which provides an object-oriented Perl interface for the Duo Security REST APIs. It attempts to abstract some of the API details and provide an object-oriented view of the returned objects in order to make use of the API in Perl code more natural than (...)

  • Joseph Bisch: GSoC Update
    It has been a couple of months since my last GSoC update and a lot has happened since then. You can view the web interface at There is a dynamic interface viewable with JavaScript enabled, and a static interface viewable with JS disabled. I am currently working on the (...)

  • Russell Coker: Improving Computer Reliability
    In a comment on my post about Taxing Inferior Products [1] Ben pointed out that most crashes are due to software bugs. Both Ben and I work on the Debian project and have had significant experience of software causing system crashes for Debian users. But I still think that the widespread (...)

jeudi 10 juillet 2014

  • Steve Kemp: Blogspam moved, redis alternatives being examined
    As my previous post suggested I'd been running a service for a few years, using Redis as a key-value store. Redis is lovely. If your dataset will fit in RAM. Otherwise it dies hard. Inspired by Memcached, which is a simple key=value store, redis allows for more operations: using sets, (...)

  • Russell Coker: A Linux Conference as a Ritual
    Sociological Images has an interesting post by Jay Livingston PhD about a tennis final as a ritual [1]. The main point is that you can get a much better view of the match on your TV at home with more comfort and less inconvenience, so what you get for the price of the ticket (and all the effort (...)

  • Russell Coker: Taxing Inferior Products
    I recently had a medical appointment cancelled due to a “computer crash”. Apparently the reception computer crashed and lost all bookings for a day and they just made new bookings for whoever called – and anyone who had a previous booking just missed out. I'll probably never (...)

  • Paul Tagliamonte: Dell XPS 13
    More hardware adventures. I got my Dell XPS13. Amazing. The good news: This MacBook Air clone is clearly an Air competitor, and easily slightly better in nearly every regard except for the battery. The bad news is that the Intel Wireless card needs non-free (I'll be replacing that shortly), (...)

mercredi 9 juillet 2014

  • Mike Gabriel: Cooperation between X2Go and TheQVD
    I recently got in contact with Nicolas Arenas Alonso and Nito Martinez from the Quindel group (located in Spain) [1]. Those guys bring forth a software product called TheQVD (The Quality Virtual Desktop) [2]. The project does similar things that X2Go does. In fact, they use NX 3.5 from (...)

  • Christoph Berg: New urxvt tab in current directory
    Following Enrico's terminal-emulators comparison, I wanted to implement "start a new terminal tab in my current working directory" for rxvt-unicode aka urxvt. As Enrico notes, this functionality is something between "rather fragile" and non-existing, so I went to implement it myself. Martin (...)

  • Sune Vuorela: CMake and library properties
    When writing libraries with CMake, you need to set a couple of properties, especially the VERSION and SOVERSION properties. For library libbar, it could look like: set_property(TARGET bar PROPERTY VERSION “0.0.0″) set_property(TARGET bar PROPERTY SOVERSION 0 ) This will give you a (...)

  • Junichi Uekawa: Having fun with lisp.
    Having fun with lisp. I was writing lisp interpreter in C++ using boost::spirit. I am happy that my eval can do lambda. Took me a long time to figure out what was wrong with the different types. The data structure was recursive, and I needed to make a recursive type. make_recursive_variant (...)

mardi 8 juillet 2014

  • Wouter Verhelst: HP printers require systemd, apparently
    printer-driver-postscript-hp Depends: hplip hplip Depends: policykit-1 policykit-1 Depends: libpam-systemd libpam-systemd Depends: systemd (= 204-14) Since the last in the above is a versioned dependency, that means you can't use systemd-shim to satisfy this dependency. I do think we (...)

  • Steve Kemp: What do you do when your free service is too popular?
    Once upon a time I setup a centralized service for spam-testing blog/forum-comments in real time, that service is This was created because the Debian Administration site was getting hammered with bogus comments, as was my personal blog. Today the unfortunate thing happened, the (...)

  • Matthew Palmer: Doing Password Complexity Wrong
    I just made an account on yet another web service. On the suggestion of my password manager, I attempted to use the password “W:9[$X*F”. It was rejected because “Password must contain at least one non-alphabet character, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter”. OK, (...)

  • Joey Hess: laptop death
    So I was at Ocracoke island, camping with family, and I brought my laptop along as I've done probably half a dozen times before. An enormous thuderstorm came up. It rained for 8 hours and thundered for 3 of those. Some lightning cracks quite close by as we crouched in the food tent, our (...)

  • Steinar H. Gunderson: Blehnovo
    Here's my own little (ongoing) story about Lenovo's customer support; feel free to skip if you don't like rants. (You may remember that it took me several months to get to actually buy this laptop in the first place.) Everything within “quotes” are actual quotes from (...)

lundi 7 juillet 2014

  • Jonathan McDowell: 2014 SPI Board election nominations open
    I put out the call for nominations for the 2014 Software in the Public Interest (SPI) Board election last week. At this point I haven't yet received any nominations, so I'm mentioning it here in the hope of a slightly wider audience. Possibly not the most helpful as I would hope readers (...)

  • Jan Wagner: Monitoring Plugins release ahead
    It seems to be a great time for monitoring solutions. Some of you may have noticed that Icinga has released it's first stable version of the completely redeveloped Icinga 2. After several changes in the recent past, where the Team maintaining the Plugins used for several Monitoring (...)

dimanche 6 juillet 2014

samedi 5 juillet 2014

  • Mario Lang: I love my MacBookAir with Debian
    In short: I love my MacBook Air. It is the best (laptop) hardware I ever owned. I have seen hardware which was much more flaky in the past. I can set the display backlight to zero via software, which saves me a lot of battery life and also offers a bit of anti-spy-acroos-my-shoulder support. (...)


17 mai 2007 - Du GigaPixels sur IPsyn !

Depuis quelques jours IPsyn héberge la plus grosse image numérique au monde : (...)

22 mars 2005 - Cable reseau "perime"

Nous avons, ce soir (21/03/2005), ete victime du fameux probleme du cable RJ45 "perime". Apres (...)

13 mars 2005 - Perte de notre serveur de fichier

Nous avons perdu, vers 16h00 ce samedi 12 mars 2005, notre serveur de fichier sur lequel etait (...)

26 décembre 2004 - Exploitation d’une faille dans phpBB

Ipsyn n’aura pas ete epargne par la failel sur le forum phpBB (j’imae pas le forums (...)

7 janvier 2004 - Problème sur notre serveur mysql

Pour une raison indeterminee notre serveur mysql refuse de repartir. Nous basculons toutes les (...)