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lundi 5 janvier 2015

dimanche 4 janvier 2015

  • Russ Allbery: faq2html 1.33 and release 1.48
    These changes to a couple of my scripts were done some time ago, but I never pushed them out or announced them. faq2html, which I use to convert package README files and other documentation to something suitable for the web, no longer tries to parse the document for leading headers when a (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: BH release 1.55.0-2
    A new release of BH, our package providing (a large part of the) Boost C++ libraries as a set of template headers for use by R, is now on CRAN. This is a relatively minor change which expands the set of Boost libraries included in the package to Boost Fusion per issue ticket 7. Boost Fusion is (...)

  • Russ Allbery: Review: Programming Ruby
    Review: Programming Ruby, by Dave Thomas, et al. Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf Copyright: 2005 Printing: May 2006 ISBN: 0-9745140-5-5 Format: Trade paperback Pages: 785 There are a few different editions of this book. The version I read is the second edition, written by Dave Thomas with Chad (...)

samedi 3 janvier 2015

  • NOKUBI Takatsugu: New year 2015
  • Rhonda D'Vine: Gossip
    Happy New Year everyone! How did you celebrate the year change? I've been at the Seestadt Aspern listening to electric:indigo (who is also part of the open:sounds project powered by artists of the female:pressure collective), watching a show called "Laser-City", enjoying the really chilly (...)

  • Russ Allbery: Review: The Ring of Charon
    Review: The Ring of Charon, by Roger MacBride Allen Series: Hunted Earth #1 Publisher: Tor Copyright: December 1990 ISBN: 0-8125-3014-4 Format: Mass market Pages: 500 Larry Chao is a junior scientist at a gravity research on Pluto, at the very outer limits of human reach in the solar system. (...)

vendredi 2 janvier 2015

  • Tim Retout: Decluttering
  • Simon Josefsson: OpenPGP Smartcards and GNOME
    The combination of GnuPG and a OpenPGP smartcard (such as the YubiKey NEO) has been implemented and working well for around a decade. I recall starting to use it when I received a FSFE Fellowship card long time ago. Sadly there has been some regressions when using them under GNOME recently. I (...)

  • Vincent Fourmond: Release 0.11 of ctioga2
    The new year is starting with a new release of ctioga2, with a lot of new features, such as: patterned fills (shown on the right) loops in command files a CSS-like styling system (with full XPATH support) a backend for mathematical functions of two variables the possibility to hide elements (...)

  • Gunnar Wolf: Status of the OpenPGP keyring: 1024D is a thing of the past!
    Having seen the end of December and the beginning of January, this is the time of year where we say "Happy new year!" But this is a very interesting new year: We have also went past our much announced deadline for the Jonathan's mail to debian-devel-announce for further, fuller (...)

  • Russell Coker: DNSSEC
  • Richard Hartmann: Release Critical Bug report for Week 01
    The UDD bugs interface currently knows about the following release critical bugs: In Total: 1068 (Including 166 bugs affecting key packages) Affecting Jessie: 140 (key packages: 90) That's the number we need to get down to zero before the release. They can be split in two big categories: (...)

  • DebConf team: Happy New DebConf15 Year! (Posted by Laura Arjona Reina)
    Happy New Year! 2015 is the year of DebConf15 in Heidelberg. We are working hard on another awesome Debian Conference. How about making a new year's resolution to join us? You can think about giving a talk: expect the call for papers soon! Or convince somebody to present one (it's always nice (...)

  • Vincent Fourmond: New home for Tioga
    Now, it's been a long time since Rubyforge has become unusable, and the Tioga project (on which ctioga2 is based) was still hosted there. I first wanted to thanks Rubyforge for hosting our projects for so long, and then say that Tioga is now maintained in sourceforge in a git repository. (...)

  • Russ Allbery: Review: An Imaginary Tale
    Review: An Imaginary Tale, by Paul J. Nahin Publisher: Princeton University Copyright: 1998, 2007 Printing: 2010 ISBN: 0-691-14600-4 Format: Trade paperback Pages: 259 Subtitled The Story of √-1, An Imaginary Tale is a history of the use of the number mathematicians normally call i. (...)

  • Jeff Licquia: Happy 2015!
  • Steve McIntyre: UEFI Debian installer work for Jessie, part 3
    Time for another update on my work for UEFI improvements in Jessie! I've got an i386-only UEFI netinst up and running right now, which will boot and install on the Asus X205TA machine I have. I've got the required i2c modules included in this build so that the installer can use the (...)

  • John Goerzen: Sound players: Adventures with Ampache, mpd, pulseaudio, Raspberry Pi, and Logitech Media Server
    I finally decided it was about time to get my whole-house sound project off the ground. As an added bonus, I'd like to be able to stream music from my house to my Android phone. Some Background It was about 2.5 years ago that I last revisited the music-listening picture on Linux. I used (...)

  • Russ Allbery: 2014 Book Reading in Review
    This year, after a series of catastrophically horrible and unethical management decisions, I walked away from my job of seventeen years and found a new job. As you might expect, reading wasn't the top priority for much of the year. I'm moderately surprised that I read as much as I did. (...)

jeudi 1er janvier 2015

  • Tim Retout: Looking back at 2014
    I have a tendency to forget what I've been up to - so I made a list for 2014. I started the year having recently watched many 30c3 videos online - these were fantastic, and I really should get round to the ones from 31c3. January is traditionally the peak time for the recruitment industry, (...)

  • Chris Lamb: Goals
    Dr. Guy Winch: We used to think that happiness is based on succeeding at our goals, but it turns out not so much. Most marathon runners, for example — not professionals but the amateur runners — their high for completing the marathon usually disappears even before their nipples (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: (Belated) 2014 Running Recap
    Having just blogged about today's 5k, I noticed that I did not blog at all about running in 2014. There wasn't much, but another Ragnar Relay in February, again as an Ultra team. I more-or-less live tweeted this though: Pre-race warning (and that was my route!), Team photo at start, Leg (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: New Year's Run 2015
    Nice, crisp and pretty cold morning for the 2015 New Year's 5k. I had run this before with friends: 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Needless to say, I am a little slower now: A hand-stopped 23:13 for a 7:27 min/mile pace is fine by me given the weather, lack of speedwork in the last few months, (...)

  • Simon Kainz: Pigs-in-a-mud-pond Cake
    In lack of some New-Years-Charms, this is our attempt at creating something by ourselves: Step 1 Make some pigs (Pigs being a symbol of luck!) (Closeup, probably NSFW :-) ) Step 2 Make some pie. We made a simple, two layeres chocolate pie, topped with some jam to prevent that is all gets (...)

  • Lars Wirzenius: The shape of a solution
    Each software tool exists to solve some problem. For each problem, there are many possible solutions. Even when different programs basically do the same thing, they can have quite different shapes. As an example, this morning I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use notmuch to (...)

  • Thorsten Alteholz: My Debian Activities in December 2014
    FTP assistant This month at the end of the year has been rather quiet as well. The holiday season is not suited for lots of REJECTs, so all in all I marked 91 packages for accept and rejected only 14 packages. But be aware, the period of grace is over now. Squeeze LTS This was my sixth month (...)

  • Junichi Uekawa: Hello 2015.
    Hello 2015. Wondering what'll come of this year.

  • Russ Allbery: Review: Three Parts Dead
    Review: Three Parts Dead, by Max Gladstone Series: Craft #1 Publisher: Tor Copyright: October 2012 ISBN: 1-4668-0203-0 Format: Kindle Pages: 336 Tara Abernathy was a student in the Hidden Schools, learning Craft, until she was expelled. Literally expelled: thrown from the floating schools to (...)

mercredi 31 décembre 2014

  • Riku Voipio: Crowdfunding better GCompris graphics
    GCompris is the most established open source kids educational game. Here we practice use of mouse with an Efika smartbook. In this subgame, mouse is moved around to uncover a image behind. While GCompris is nice, it needs nice graphics badly. Now the GCompris authors are running a indiegogo (...)

  • Chris Lamb: 2014: Selected highlights
    Previously: 2012 & 2013. January Was lent a 15-course baroque lute. February Grandpa's funeral. In December he was posthumously awarded the Ushakov Medal (pictured) for his service in the Royal Navy's Arctic Convoys during the Second World War. March A lot of triathlon (...)

  • Wouter Verhelst: Perl 'issues'
    I just watched a CCC talk in which the speaker claims Perl is horribly broken. Watching it was fairly annoying however, since I had to restrain myself from throwing things at the screen. If you're going to complain about the language, better make sure you actually understand the language (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: digest 0.6.8
    Release 0.6.8 of digest package is now on CRAN and will get to Debian shortly. This release opens the door to also providing the digest functionality at the C level to other R packages. Wush Wu is going to use the murmurHash C implementation in his recently-created FeatureHashing package. We (...)

  • Michal Čihař: No Windows builds for Gammu and Wammu
    For quite some time I used to produce Windows builds for both Wammu and Gammu using cross compiling on Linux. But this has proven to produce some errors and needed my time to maintain the cross compilation environment. I've decided to stop producing Windows binaries and I don't expect (...)

mardi 30 décembre 2014

  • Petter Reinholdtsen: Updated version of the Norwegian web service FiksGataMi
    I am very happy that we in the Norwegian Unix User group (NUUG), spearheaded by Marius Halden from NUUG and Matthew Somerville from mySociety, finally managed to upgrade the code base for the Norwegian version of FixMyStreet. This was the first major update since 2011. The refurbished (...)

  • Niels Thykier: Status on Jessie (December 2014)
  • Michael Prokop: Installing Debian in UEFI mode with some stunts
    For a recent customer setup of Debian/wheezy on a IBM x3630 M4 server we used my blog entry “State of the art Debian/wheezy deployments with GRUB and LVM/SW-RAID/Crypto” as a base. But this time we wanted to use (U)EFI instead of BIOS legacy boot. As usual we went for installing (...)

  • MJ Ray: GPG Transition Statement
    Rather late but I guess that just confirms it's really me, right? The signed text and IDs should be at Thank you if you help me out here I'll resign keys in a while.

  • Michal Čihař: Gammu 1.34.0
    Gammu 1.34.0 has been just released. It has been more than year from last Gammu release and it's time to release all new features and bugfixes. Full list of changes: Add phone power ON/OFF function. Removed deprecated Python modules gammu.Data and gammu.Worker. Store network name and code (...)

  • Benjamin Mako Hill: Consider the Redirect
    In wikis, redirects are special pages that silently take readers from the page they are visiting to another page. Although their presence is noted in tiny gray text (see the image below) most people use them all the time and never know they exist. Redirects exist to make linking between pages (...)

  • Steve Kemp: Reducing, or redirecting at least, charitable donations.
    This is the time of year when there are lots of adverts shown on TV solicating donations for charities, which frequently end with the two words "thank you". I've always felt there were too many charities in the world, and that it was hard to half-heartedly give money to one charity this (...)

lundi 29 décembre 2014

  • Lunar: Reproducible builds against RC bugs
    One way of working on reproducible builds is to look at packages which fail to build reproducibly on our continuous integration platform. Looking at the output of debbindiff often makes it possible to spot common problems. Sometimes, issues are more singular. and codesearch (...)

  • Neil Williams: OpenTAC hardware in manufacture
    A bit of news on the development of OpenTAC – the Open Hardware Test Automation Controller. I've talked about this at the MiniDebConf 2014 in Cambridge. (Video available). The development is being tracked on the Vero-Apparatus wiki and as this is Open Hardware, the files are attached to (...)

  • Michal Čihař: Wammu 0.38
    It seems that the 0.37 release was not that good as I hoped for, so here comes another bugfix release. So here comes Wammu 0.38. The list of changes is not really huge: Compatibility with latest wxPython releases. Fixed corrupted appdata metadata. Fixed broken desktop file due to Chinese (...)

  • Jingjie Jiang: Week2-Week3 OPW Journey.
    The Tropy In this period, I have tackled several bugs and got them finally about to be merged in the codebase. Namely, they are: #761121 allow symbolic links within same version, #761861 override detected language type. I also spent some time on making debsouces runnable on But (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: rfoaas 0.0.5
    A new version of rfoaas is now on CRAN. The rfoaas package provides an interface for R to the most excellent FOAAS service--which provides a modern, scalable and RESTful web service for the frequent need to tell someone to eff off. This version aligns the rfoaas version number with the (at (...)

dimanche 28 décembre 2014


17 mai 2007 - Du GigaPixels sur IPsyn !

Depuis quelques jours IPsyn héberge la plus grosse image numérique au monde : (...)

22 mars 2005 - Cable reseau "perime"

Nous avons, ce soir (21/03/2005), ete victime du fameux probleme du cable RJ45 "perime". Apres (...)

13 mars 2005 - Perte de notre serveur de fichier

Nous avons perdu, vers 16h00 ce samedi 12 mars 2005, notre serveur de fichier sur lequel etait (...)

26 décembre 2004 - Exploitation d’une faille dans phpBB

Ipsyn n’aura pas ete epargne par la failel sur le forum phpBB (j’imae pas le forums (...)

7 janvier 2004 - Problème sur notre serveur mysql

Pour une raison indeterminee notre serveur mysql refuse de repartir. Nous basculons toutes les (...)